Trinidad De Luz: Behind the Blog

This blog is going to chronicle my journey in life. I’m so glad that you have decided to follow me on this journey of discovery.  I will be writing about religion, my spiritual journey, my divorce, my depression, my pain and hurt that I’ve experienced, my joy and peace that I am finally finding, fitness and eating right, how to build wealth and manage money, personal development principles, loving me first and foremost so that I can love on the rest of the world and whatever amazing journeys I can share and write about.

I’m titling this blog and all my social media “Trinidad De Luz” which essentially translates to Three of Light. I’ve always felt that the number 3 is a holy and sacred number. There’s the Holy Trinity and there’s a lot of sacred material with the number 3. The tree of life has a Supernal Triad and other triads within it and it’s something I’m learning about. The triad or trinity is also a symbol of the unity between the body, mind, and spirit. I am and always will be on this journey of understanding my body, my mind, and my spirit. It’s who I am and it’s who we all are. I’ll most likely do a post on this sacred number and why I changed my name from my first name of Virginia to my middle name of Trinidad. Some of you may already know this story and some may not, either way I’m sharing it with the world.

De Luz means “of light” and as I believe that we are all light beings I felt that this was an appropriate title for my blog. I could write a book on what it means to be a light being so just know that I will be blogging about that also. Luz is also significant to me because my moms name is Luzminda and she commonly goes by Luz. People can’t pronounce that and often call her Lucy, but I prefer Luz. I am Trinidad the daughter of Luz. Trinidad the daughter of Light. Trinidad De Luz. My mom is an incredible Light Being and I have so much to learn from her. To be honest, I haven’t fully given her that opportunity. I am so excited to finally do that and to really truly repair my relationship with her.

In our family I was the one who made all the terrible mistakes. I was also the child that made almost all the same mistakes that BOTH my parents did. Lol. Thanks mom and dad and family for loving me through all of pain. It’s been such a hard and incredibly rewarding journey to be where I am right now. I’m sorry mom for always being angry with you because we have a lot of the same negative traits. I love you and I cannot wait to heal with you. Thank you for loving us kids and taking care of us even though you were a single mom fresh off the boat. You did an incredible job with each one of us and we’re all going to change the world and make this earth a beautiful place. You and dad did the best with what you knew and I’m am so so so grateful that your love brought each one of us to life. Please forgive me for any moment I hurt you. I’m sorry I wasn’t the perfect child. Thank you for all the lessons and thank you for loving me anyways. I love you both and you both mean the WORLD to me.

Your Journey is Right on Time

What I’m hoping that you, the reader, will receive from this blog is enlightenment, a new light of who I am to you, and I’m truly hoping that my stories will help you heal, inspire you, and wake you up to who you are and who you were always meant to be. Thank you for following me on this journey. Please forgive me if I ever hurt you or if anyone else in your life or in this lifetime hurts you – please know that they don’t mean it and that they need healing also. I’m sorry for any pain, persecution or heartache you have ever had to go through. I love you for who you truly are and I hope you will learn to love you too if you don’t already. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “Trinidad De Luz: Behind the Blog

    1. @suyen – thanks. I actually took a bit of a break from blogging bc I was doing so much inner work. Still doing lots and it’s definitely not easy but I’m working on it. I wrote a love message today that I’m going to share with the world. Hope you’re well!


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