A Different Perspective on Meditation

Meditation is different to every person. I woke up the other morning and I realized I had a hard time doing silent meditation. I actually got mad at myself for not being diligent enough in this type of meditation. I went out to my boyfriend’s porch and started to meditate and I was having a hard time doing so. I couldn’t silence my mind so I prayed and asked Source to help me and this is the revelation I had.

I meditate when I pray and when I dance. When I pray, I pray for things to move in my world and I pray for others – friends, family, animals, nature, and love. I also pray for the world and I pray angels into action to help heal the world.

When I dance I pray. I tune into my spirit being as I move with the flow of my body. I tap into my energy and those around me and I can feel their hearts. Then I hear Spirit tell me to pray for certain things as I dance. I usually hear things like love, compassion, forgiveness, heart, healing, joy, courage, kindness, gentleness, self-control. I hear these words and then I pray it out with each dance move that flows out of me. I’m moving energy and transmuting that which was sadness, anger, evil and I turn it into pure light. My heart radiates with love and I choose to bring everyone’s frequency levels of their hearts up with me.

I always wondered why I had a hard time meditating in silence and I would wonder why having nothing in mind was a challenge for me. I was upset with myself that morning because I felt like I couldn’t meditate. So I looked up the definition of meditation and this is what the internet told me. Meditation is to “…think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.

-think deeply or carefully about (something).

-plan mentally; consider.”

When I’m praying I’m technically chanting for a spiritual purpose. Prayers go into the spirit realm and it’s a transfer of energy from my being to the spirit world. When I dance and pray I’m doing the same.

When I listen to music to get my mind on a certain concept — that to me is also meditation. I’ve been listening to Ayla Nereo a lot lately. I first heard her on the Playa aka Burning Man. I had gone on a wild adventure starting with my two dear friends Pathfinder and Aaron Michael. We lost Pathfinder along the way but Aaron Michael and I went on an amazing adventure together. We climbed a ferris wheel together and I prayed for everyone on the Playa. I could feel everyone’s energy and their hearts and I was compelled to pray for them. There was so many things that people were trying to let go and so many things that people were dealing with and honestly that’s why so many of us go to the burn – we’re trying to let go of the things in our past that we cannot change and we do this by writing these things down on a wooden temple that later gets burned. This symbolizes the release of those past events. It’s one of the most powerful families I have ever been a part of and I am so grateful to be apart of the burn community. While I was on top of the center of the ferris wheel I prayed love and compassion and forgiveness to everyone.

Later that night, Aaron Michael and I ended up climbing this 30 foot structure with a ball on top, met the most amazing people and watched the sun rise. It was tribal and it was beautiful and I honestly gained a whole new appreciation for sun rises and sun sets because of Burning Man.

Then we met some new friends and they told us about Ayla Nereo and how she was out on the Playa on a Viking ship. YES. I absolutely wanted to go to this performance. We went and even though I was completely exhausted I had one more dance left in me. Ayla sang the song “Let It In” and I will post that song below. The difference was she had changed the words to go with the healing that was happening on the Playa. It was everything I had felt the whole night of what the people’s hearts were crying out and that song meant the WORLD to me. This song ignited my soul and I felt peace and passion and oneness all at the same time. I danced my heart out and nothing else mattered. That song was the song that was in my heart and it was everything I wanted to express to help everyone heal and to help myself heal. It was one of those moments where you just feel like everything’s perfect and everything is as it should be. Sometimes when things like this happen, I feel like I’m in a trance. I can’t help but dance and it’s not for anyone but me, my soul and Spirit. It’s not for a show. It’s for those I’m soul dancing for that need healing and no other reason. My body tunes into the melody and the words and the harmonies and I know this is who I have always been for ages, for centuries and right in that moment. I know I was made to pray and dance to live my life to its fullest in these moments.

Sound activates our souls. We are light beings and frequencies of sound ignite our soul. Can you tell me that music has not changed your life? No you can’t. Music wakes our minds, our bodies, and our souls. When sound hits the frequencies of our being, it does something to us. It calls us. It heals us. It sings our pain into happiness. It turns our fears into courage. It turns our sadness into joy. Our doubt into hope. Music keeps us alive. Knowing this I hope that you never get down on yourself for not meditating the traditional way of going into a quiet space. A quiet space can be in your mind and spirit when you pray, when you dance, when you hear music and even when you sing. Prayer, music, singing and dance IS meditation.

I had gone out to Mike’s porch to pray and ask God about this revelation. Right after I had the this realization of this perspective of meditation a hummingbird flew right up to me and basically hung out with me for a couple minutes. I really believe that Spirit sends us magical confirmations like this when we have revelations. I also believe that there’s a huge significance between us and birds, but that’s going to be another post.

Also after I wrote this piece. I met up with my friend Steve Brudniak and he taught me a little bit more about the importance of silent meditation. While there are various ways to meditate, silent meditation can teach so much. This is my new challenge. I feel I have somewhat mastered meditation in prayer, music, singing and dance and now I am seeking to become a student of silent meditation. I’m going to practice being silent, stopping my thoughts, exhaling thoughts when they come, and just finding peace in the silence. I find that concentrating on my breath really helps. It’s a tremendous challenge for me to silence my thoughts and honestly to silence my being in the presence of others. I am learning to quiet my tongue to allow others to speak and it’s one of the most difficult things I am currently learning. I constantly feel like I have so much to say and so many things to share, but I’m also realizing there is wisdom in silence and there are definitely appropriate times to have my voice – I will go into more detail about that in another blog.

Thanks for reading and I pray you go out into this world and be you and be free and find the truth that makes your soul sing.

Be blessed. Namaste.

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