The Sparkle in His Eye

Dedicated to the love of my life Mike Chang


The sparkle in your eye

When you see something magical

Deep in the bareness of my soul

That’s where I rest


My heart takes a breath

As I see eternity glance my way

The beauty you see

Has been a forlorn journey

I’ve cried hated judged

That reflection of me

Yet somehow you see glory


I dance in this truth

I revel in your love

You see something I don’t

And I realize

This woman you see

She is worth

All of my attention

All of my love

All of me


The soul you see

I need to discover

I want to know her

What makes her come alive

What ignites her soul

What makes you breathless

When you glimmer in her presence


This is she

That I am destined to unearth

Her soul awaits the becoming,

The birth


I find rest

In the sparkle of your eye

It surrounds my naked soul

And Tells me I’m magical


– Trinidad Virg Bradford, Poet

2 thoughts on “The Sparkle in His Eye

  1. To Trinidad, my love.
    It was always you that I have searched for my whole life.
    It was always you, your face that I saw as a kid when I closed my eyes to imagine what the woman of my life would look like.
    It was was always you that I was looking for to be my wife and to grow old together.
    It was always you that was the mother of my family that gave birth to everyone of our beautiful children.
    It was always you that traveled the world with me to see all the wonders and mysteries the world had offered.
    It was always you that I gave all of my love, my trust, and shared my dreams with.
    It was always you that my soul has been longing to come back to in every lifetime I have ever lived.
    Trinidad, it was always you. My love. My wife. The woman of my dreams.
    I remember now.
    Thank you God for showing me this and blessing me with you in my life again.

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