Mike Chang’s Memorandum to God

Today, November 30th is Mike’s birthday. If you didn’t know, make sure you hit him up and tell him. I’m dedicating this post to him on this special day because he’s such an incredible man that is constantly teaching me. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that Mike and I experienced some rough spots in our relationship. About a month before I left for India Mike wrote the below Memorandum. It’s been revised several times, but this is what got Mike to start treating me exceptionally better than he had ever treated me before. He realized that he needed to reprogram his subconscious mind so he wrote this out and then read it 3-5 times a day until he had it memorized. He still recites it 3-5 times a day and it helps him to focus and stay positive. It’s now a part of his daily practice.

After a couple days of doing this the changes in his personality and mood were immensely significant. He barely judged me or told me what to do and he started to find more reasons to love me instead of finding all my weaknesses. It actually started my healing journey for our relationship. I was pretty bitter and resentful for the way Mike had treated me in the beginning of our relationship and it was hard for me to let go and forgive him because he was still judging me. When he started to change I was able to see my own faults and I was able to appreciate Mike more instead of stay in my anger towards him.

Once I realized how much the memorandum changed Mike, I realized I needed to do the same for myself to reprogram my subconscious mind. I started out with reading Mike’s memorandum daily and I would substitute what was true for me and of course I changed the part where he talks about me to reflect things I love about him. It took me a while to sit down and write my own memorandum out, but I finally finished it yesterday. It will be one of my next blogs, but for now here’s to the most amazing man I know, the lover and of my soul, my one and only soulmate – Mike Chang. Happy Birthday dear love!

Below is his Memorandum to God. Please keep in mind that a lot of the things he wrote were areas he needed to work on or things he wanted to manifest in his life. As he continued to read it daily it brought his energy level up and he started to manifest the words he wrote into his reality.


My Memorandum to God


I thank you God for this new day in my life. My life is the most precious thing I have and I will not live another day in mediocrity.  I live my life today as if it was my last, and I will strive for a deeper experience of life today by taking constant action without fear and following my heart’s desires without limitations.

I see all people for the loving beings that they truly are inside regardless of what they show me on the outside. I love them not for their character traits, possessions they own, or what I can gain from them.  I love them because inside each person is their spirit and it radiates the energy of love, just like mine. And because of that, all people are my brother and sister and I treat them all the same, with love.  When people speak to me, I will listen with all of my attention and presence. To myself in silence, I say to them, “I love you for who you are” and although in silence, it will show through my facial expressions, body language, and the tonality of my voice. I give back to people by helping and supporting them as often as I can. No matter if they are a stranger or friend, I will take action by contributing my money, time, and support.  I will pray for those in need and those prayers will be answered through the power of God. I live my life as a good example of love and light for the world and others to follow.  

I honor and respect all animals, plants, and insects as we are all here to help one another flourish. Each of us have an important role to act out and together, we create balance.

I love myself and I cherish my body. I take care of myself by learning new wisdoms to deepen my perspective of reality. I take care of my body through daily exercise and nourishing it with healthy foods.  I am truly grateful for this wonderful life I have.    

Through the power of God, I can create anything into existence by using my thought, vision, feeling, energy, and action.  I think and visualize exactly what I want to create.  I feel grateful that my creation has already manifested.  The energy in my body is full of light that powers all of my actions. Thank you God for giving me this incredible power to create.

I pursue my goals with a relentless amount of action and determination to succeed.  I receive all the grace and blessings God is constantly giving me on a daily basis to help me create a life of prosperity and abundance for myself and others around me.  People, events, and opportunities are constantly being manifested as resources and tools to support me.  From this, my personal wealth has flourished greatly and will continue to do so beyond my most wildest dreams.  Already I am making over $100,000 dollars per month, and that amount continues to grow as my business grows.  Soon I’ll be making over $500,000 dollars per month while my work output remains the same.  I have a extraordinary team of individuals in my business that works diligently to ensure my business operations continues to expand without my input or supervision.  This is my ABILITY and POWER that my creator has given me. The ability to generate massives amount of wealth. The power to reach the hearts of millions of people on this planet by teaching them how to empower themselves, by showing them their true nature with God, and guiding them to live a life of love, joy and laughter.  

The people, events, and opportunities that are being manifested also support me in my spiritual growth, developing my character, my physical health, and my personal relationships. Thank you God for being so kind and gracious.   

My relationship with God grows stronger everyday as I do my daily practices to praise the one and only creator of all things. My daily readings of this memorandum when spoken out loud with conviction, passion, and belief will speak to my conscious and subconscious mind reminding me who I really am and what I am here in this life to do.  My daily session of yoga before meditating calms and removes tension, releases toxins from my organs, and increase the flow of life energy in my body.  Once completed, I will go directly into my meditation practice.  My daily meditation allows my mind to relax and go silent as I go into my true self, which is my consciousness that observes all of my thoughts, feelings, and actions.  When I meditate, I focus on my breathing continuously as I feel my spirit rise in my body with a overwhelming sense of inner peace, love, and joy.  It is important to me that my daily practice is completed first thing upon waking up. This will ensure my continual growth to connect with the energy within my body, coming into my spirit, and getting one step closer to God.

My wealth, my health and all my relationships has flourished because God is with me right now, always assisting me to assure my success.  I am a servant of God and it will reflect in the way of love and light in all that I do.   I am happy and joyous to accept all life events that God has given me, both good and bad as they are all lessons that I need to learn in this lifetime to grow into my future being.    

I do all things from my heart’s desire and I give no thoughts or concerns to the judgment of others.  I live my life by following my dreams and I put my trust in God to guide me to make the right choices and decisions in my life.  

I openly invite the mysteries of the unknown in my life and I face them with courage, open curiosity, and excitement.  The more unknown experiences I partake in, the more open my heart becomes.  The more open my heart becomes, the more capacity I have to love my creator, myself, and all living beings.

I love Trinidad, our children and our pets Adriana and Yogi and I hold them close to my heart.  The are in my life for me to love them deeply, learn valuable lessons from, and share my life journey with, in LOVE, JOY and LAUGHTER.  I love them all unconditionally.  I show them compassion and gentleness in all that they do, even if they do something wrong.  I have an unlimited amount of grace for the lessons they are here to learn and I have faith and hope that they will accomplish them with ease.  I am truly blessed.

And to you Trinidad, my love:  it was always you that I have searched for my whole life. It was always your face that I saw as a kid when I closed my eyes to imagine what the woman of my life would look like.  It was always you that we spent our days singing and dancing under the sun, and our nights resting under the moon while gazing at the stars. It was always you that was the mother of my family that gave birth to every one of our beautiful children. It was always you that traveled the world with me to experience the wonders and adventures that lead us to some of the most amazing people and places on the planet. It was always you that I gave all of my love and passion to, and whom I shared all of my dreams with. It was always you my soul has been longing to come back to in every lifetime that I have ever lived.  It was always you.  My love. My Wife. My Soul Mate. The woman of my dreams. I remember now.  Thank you God for showing me this and blessing me with YOU Trin, in my life again. I love you now, always, and forever.

Above all, I love you God and I thank YOU everyday that I am alive.  All that I am, all that I have, all that I have accomplished, my entire existence is a gift from you.  I am alive right now because you want me to be and that can change at any given moment and when it does, I will be ready. My life is truly in your hands. Because of this, I will live my life today without fear, but with enthusiasm, excitement, and constant action.  When I woke up this morning at the start of my new day, I knew down in my deepest core, that I am blessed and loved.  I love you God, and thank you for loving me and blessing my life.

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