My Memorandum to God

Mike inspired me to write this memorandum. I saw how his memorandum changed his character for the better by reciting it daily. The changes were so significant that I knew I needed to write my own memorandum to help me reprogram my subconscious mind so that I could remember my divinity. I hope this inspires you to do the same.

I am whole, beautiful, divine, and perfect in every moment. Nothing is a mistake and everything is as it should be. I am divinely guided by God, my Authentic Self, my angels and my spirit beings/guides who have only intentions of love, joy, abundance and peace for me. I am connected to everything that exists. I am unified with the Infinite Reality. Aham brahmasmi.

I reflect the light of all other sentient beings and I love them all for their individual aspects. Everyone I meet is a gift and my teacher. I will always remain a student to everyone and everything, for I can learn lessons from all that life has to offer me. I will love everyone regardless of their past, religion, belief, faults, weaknesses, titles, emotions, opinions or preference. I have an unlimited amount of forgiveness in my heart for others no matter what they do or say to me for I know that we are all reflections of one another. I respect everyone and appreciate their unique soul journey. I have the wisdom and power to honor all boundaries that anyone has. I learn to serve others from a place of empowerment and peace. The people I meet enrich my life and help me to have deep revelations. We are in each others life for a reason. There are no accidents.

I am growing in power and awareness. My subconscious mind is being reprogrammed to be full of love, light, joy, peace, abundance, and truth. My attention is the most valuable thing I have. I will focus my attention and intention on the things that serve me and bring me closer to the Infinite. My attention is my awareness. My awareness is my Spirit. My Spirit is connected to God. I have removed all distractions from my life that do not deepen my awareness to the Spirit of God.

My time is spent in meditation, mantra, yoga asana, breath work, Ayurveda routine and massage, studying truth, journaling, learning, relationships, writing, creativity, nature, family, understanding my divine abilities and reading this memorandum. This is my daily practice. I meditate during my asana. This is my powerful tool that helps me to reconnect to the Divine and allows my attention and intention to be focused on the more subtle planes, giving me access to all the unseen untapped information and energy. Meditation, like this memorandum, is vital and necessary on a daily basis to focus my awareness on what is best for me.

I trust my Divine Destiny and any assistance that leads to this path. Tantra is my personal healing journey in this lifetime. As a Tantrika, my ultimate goal is to drop all of my illusions and programs so that I might gain complete freedom and unity with the Ultimate Divine Source. I will constantly let go and be unattached to all things. I will see everything and everyone as a gift and not something I own. I will constantly seek the truth that leads me to the Divine.

As a Tantric, I see my body as a living sacred temple of light, energy and wild aliveness. I treat my body with love, care, respect and tenderness. I pay attention to my body and how it feels so I can properly care, nourish, feed, and rest it. My body is multidimensional and every system works together to bring me into complete wholeness. I do my daily Ayurvedic routines to awaken my body for each new day. I practice asanas to move my prana, the energy that gives me life, throughout my body so that I’m complete whole and healthy. I go outside to touch and connect with mother earth for I am matter born of this earth. My body is a gift from mother earth and it’s important to be in nature to deepen my connection with her, but also to ground myself. I feed my body what it needs, never eating too much or too little. I crave only foods that are good for my temple and I remind myself that in order for me to be at my optimal level I must be disciplined with the things I put into my mouth. My mouth is not a garbage can for foods or drinks that have toxins that will contaminate my holy and sacred body. I am mindful of how I treat and speak to my body. My body is my temple and it houses my soul. I love my body. My body is my friend. My body is the most powerful form of healing for feminine energy as it holds secrets to the Divine feminine wisdom.

I am an Initiate on the path of divine healing of the masculine and feminine within myself. My path is the journey of the soul to bring masculine and feminine polarities into wholeness, love, unity and and empowerment. I will learn to be the enlightened path in every element of my being. I will balance give and take, directing and flowing, play and solitude. I will be comfortable with my sexual and spiritual nature, seeing how they complement rather than compete with each other. My Feminine spiritual authority is tempered with mercy, wisdom, compassion and love. My spiritual leadership is led from the heart and it’s a model of power and authority based on empowerment rather than force or control.

I will be kind to myself and honor my feelings. I do not react out of emotion, but rather I always come from a place of peace and love. I will always stay true to myself and own my freedom to speak my truth. I commit to loving and honoring the Self.

I feel safe, protected and strong enough to take risks and live a bold, expressive, truthful and creative life that’s filled with energy and passion.

My heart is open and my many channels are ready to receive the influx of abundance. I have an innate belief that I am worthy to receive and I attract great support from Spirit right meow. I take care of my money from a place of relaxation and willingness so that I can create a strong container for the flow of abundance to reach me. I am connected to the Creator of this Universe, who is the Source of all abundance and prosperity. It is my divine right to receive this blessing. I am abundantly blessed not only in wealth but also in health, relationships, experiences and creativity.

In this lifetime, I will tap into all avenues of my creativity to give back to the world. One of those ways is through writing. I love to write because it’s soothing to my soul, a place where I feel at peace and meditative and it allows me to express the depths of my being in a vulnerable way to help me heal. I write first and foremost for myself and I will constantly remind myself of this to make sure I’m always honoring myself before I try to honor others.

My purpose in writing is to be an avenue for others to see that they too can love themselves. I want my stories, characters, poems, and lyrics to model the truths and revelations I have discovered in a way that connects deeply to the heart. My hope is to motivate others to be innocent, vulnerable, delicate with themselves and others, to love themselves and others, to start soul journeys, to discover their truth and to have the character of the Divine ALWAYS.

I love my animals Arriana and Yogi. I will send them love energy every time I think of them. I love my future children and I speak with them even now so I can connect deeply with them before they enter my womb and so they will always know that they are loved. I love my family for they have taught me many lessons and continue to teach me. My pets, my kids, and my family remind me that I am loved and I reflect that love to them always. They too are my teachers.

I love Mike Chang with all my heart and soul. He has been a gift to me in every lifetime. We have always been together and we have always known our love. This love is unbreakable, made of the essence of eternity. It has always been and always will be. I have seen many lifetimes with him and I know he is my one and only soulmate. I have searched in every lifetime to find him only to find that he was always there. He is my best friend, my confidant, my passionate lover, my weakness and my strength, my leader, my guide, the ear to my soul, the key to my heart, the man I always dreamed of, the father of my children, the lover of my soul, my husband.

He unlocks the darkest parts of me and finds reasons to love me anyways. I love him for bringing out the best in me. I love him for all of his weaknesses. I love him because he believes in me. I love him for listening to me with his full undivided presence so that he truly knows the desires of my heart. I love hearing his voice and staring deep into his eyes. I love being held in his arms as my head rests perfectly on his chest. I love listening to his beating heart, reminding me that he is a gift from God. I love the way he makes me melt with one touch. I love his lips when he caresses me with his sweet kisses. I love his smile that brightens my day. I love his voice for it brings me joy and soothes my soul.

I love you Mike for all that you are — you are everything I have ever dreamed and prayed for. You are a blessing and I constantly learn from you. You are in my life to love me and teach me lessons. I am grateful to have you in my life. I will honor and respect your life path trusting and knowing that Source is holding your hand and guiding your Spirit to completeness. I trust your decisions for our life and I know you always have our best interests in mind. I will show you compassion and gentleness in all that you do. I have an unlimited amount of grace for the lessons that you’re here to learn. I have faith and hope that you will accomplish them with ease. We are both here to help each other. I love you always–you’re my sky, my covering and I am your blossoming earth.

Above all, I thank God, Creator, Spirit, Universe, Source, the Ultimate Oneness that brings us all together in unity. I am in awe for all the blessings that God has blessed me with. I have found true peace and love in the Creator of my soul. I will find ways to fall in love with this Truth so that my soul unites with the Essence that created me. I thank Spirit daily for giving me breath, life and a heart that guides me to my authentic Self. I am intelligently designed to the finest minute detail by this amazing Engineer and I am always astonished by the intricate detail that is found within me. I am loved beyond all measure by a loving God who gifted me with my precious life, the earth, the animals, sea creatures, insects, people, clouds, wind, water, the sun, stars, galaxies, planets, the cosmos. This loving Divine Consciousness wishes nothing but the best for us and I am grateful to be a part of this manifestation. I am grateful for the unconditional love that pours out on us from this loving Spirit. I am truly blessed. I love You God. Thank you for EVERYTHING.




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