Reflections of Love

At times I cannot see my own reflection

My heart is clouded and filled with things past and future

But as I lay here next to your beating heart

All at once I feel the love emanating from your soul

Your frequency is full of peace, compassion, beauty and love


You see my reflection better than I can at most times

You see the darkness that I create

The victim I have allowed myself to become

But somehow you push away all of my negativity

You find the light waiting within my soul and call it out of me

You help me to see the beauty that is in my heart

My true reflection – the reflection of the Purest Light


We as humans fail to see the light

We hurt each other

We use each other

We judge each other

We do these things in order to find our own truth

But our truth comes from within

Our hearts hold the key to unlocking the power within our own selves

And joy is the energy that enables us to tap into our highest self

Loving others and our self no matter what darkness comes from the heart

Allows us to heal the world and our self


I have spent too many cycles in my life

Replaying the horrors of my past

A past I realize I have created with my own judgments of others and ultimately myself

I have perceived this world and my own heart with a limited perspective

Causing myself to fill my energy centers with a darkness that caused dis-ease to my physical body and my mind

I no longer wish to live in such a low frequency level

I am rising up to my star light – the true reflection of who I am


And it’s all because of you, the beating heart next to mine

The one who teaches me to love myself

The one who teaches me to see the beautiful heart that exists within this form

You are my reflection and I am yours


When I look into your eyes, they reflect who I am

And I realize my eyes reflect what I believe to be true of you, of others and of myself

Our eyes show the true colors of our hearts and I wish to only reflect love from mine

I wish for everyone to see nothing but acceptance and love

Radiating from my heart so they too will feel my love and know that they are loved


I have been awakened

And although I am still learning this path of love for myself and others

I am committed to watch my thoughts for they create my world

My ego and mind constantly test the boundaries of my heart

Sometimes I forget who I am and I have dark thoughts,

And these negative thoughts of the world I create around me

Cause me to be weak and then I give in to pleasures of the flesh


I am learning to be stronger

So that my ego and mind do not take over

I am learning to let go of these selfish ways

I am learning to let people be

I am learning to love every soul no matter who they are or how dark they are

I am learning above all… how to love myself


I am so grateful that my twin flame has found me

We are helping each other to see these truths

And I am in awe of the Power that has brought us together

I am in awe that my prayers were answered

I am in awe that my soul rests in the love of my beloved

I am in awe of this Ultimate Light that birthed our beings into existence



I rest in this Light and I rest in that love that beats next to mine

For this is what it means to find your beloved

Search within and find your light

Then you will call across the chasm of space and time

You will call the one who will show you these truths

They will be a light and dark reflection of who you are

And if you can find love in both the darkness and light of each other

You will find the meaning of what it is to have a soul mate, a twin flame


Do not worry and do not search

Trust the Light and Love found deep within

That is how I have found my reflection

By looking inward and finding truth

That I am loved

That I am enough

That I am dark

That I am light

That I am good

That I am evil

That I must accept all aspects of myself

That I was ultimately created to reflect the Light of Love

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