River Banks of the Soul

IMAG3748A poem for the wild soul:

The waters wash away
The river banks of your soul
You stare into the distant horizon
Knowing your answers rest within

There are oceans pulsing in your veins
Calling to the dormant cosmos
That have been waiting to ignite
The birthright of your souls passion

Dark waters beckon
To pull you into the abyss
Flooding your mind with icy thoughts
Freezing your action before you’ve begun

Rain falls down your face
As you wash away all your fears
The tide will not take you under
You charter the direction of your seas

Command your every sail
Be in charge of your waters
Choose to ride the waves of life
With power, grace, and freedom

Do not fear the current
That pushes you down the stream
Catch the wild wind with your nets
And ride the river north

The compass to your truth
Beats inside your chest
Follow the rhythm of your heart
You ARE the master of your soul

#beyounow #valuelife #cleanseinwater #touchtheearth #freeyoursoul

💜 always,
Trinidad De Luz

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