The True Source of All Things

::A Chapter from a Sci-Fi Historical fiction book I’m currently writing::

The witch knealt beside her as she wiped the blood from her brow. It was thick and matted into her hair—crimson ruby red.

She knew her. The delicate golden brown skin shining in the aura of the thick fog. The mist creating cover for the spell she was about to cast. She wasn’t sure if Anissa had passed the veil but she was determined to wake her no matter the cost.

Memories flashing of the death of all their beloved sisters, passed through her minds eye as she caressed Anissa’s hair. How would Anissa feel to know that she had become a witch after all these years? It was fate Talon knew. Being tuned into her body, her bones, the elements, Mother Gaia, and all the animals and insects. This gift—tainted by the word witch.

A chill sleeked down her backbone as she flashed back to the death of her mother. Men who said they knew God murdered her mom before her eyes for being a woman who used plants to heal. She remembered running for her life with tiny little Anissa only to be ripped away from each other by a sinister man who called himself holy. Condemning them both to a life neither of them chose. She a witch. Anissa a child prostitute.

“Those bastards,” she whispered below her breath. She hated the church for destroying their lives and everything they loved. As she held Anissa in her arms dark thoughts started to swarm in her mind. Anissa’s cold body reminded her of the bodies she buried that brisk night they all died. Anger began to warm the blood in her body and soon rage would consume her soul. Anissa’s breath ceased and Talons heart froze.

“Hoo, hoo,” a familiar voice disrupted her vindictive thoughts. She turned her frozen body to the light of the moon. Grandfather owl perched high on a hickory tree staring into the depths of her being.

“Revenge is not the answer,” she felt him say to her soul body. “It will only consume you.”

Guilt filled her emotional body and tears welled up in her eyes. She hated them and she especially hated the man who had done this to Anissa. She wanted them all to die.

“Death is for everyone,” she felt him say. “You know why I’m here Talon. My gift called me through the ether to take her through the veil. Her soul lingers because her ancestors call out for justice. Will you create death with your thoughts or will you save her. She is on the brink. Life has left her body as evil crept through your blood. Your thoughts will decide her fate. If you linger in these dark memories another second, I will take her passage into the eternal night. Time is not on your side. Choose now and choose wisely.”

She wiped the tear from her face and the spell came back to her heart. She remembered the teachings Grandfather owl had taught her all those years. It would all be in vain if evil entered her heart now. Understanding washed away the hate that warmed her blood. The wisdom of love permeated her physical senses as the sound of light hummed in her fingertips.

The leaves buzzed with energy as the frequency started to rise. The animals felt the vibration from miles away and sent their essence to Talons aid. As the magical words left her mouth, Grandfather owl took flight towards the full moon. He could feel the spark of life reawakening and he knew the veil to the eternal night had faded into the soft mist. Pride filled his heart and Talon knew it was for her.

Life filled the air and the trees stood silent as the elements swirled into a vortex around Anissa’s turodial field. Fire, air, water, earth and ether formed into sacred geometric light patterns above and below Anissa’s elevated body. Talon opened the veil to life and she could feel the energy changing the frequency of the surrounding area.

Anissa’s angels, guardians and ancestors came through the veil and assisted Talon for this was no ordinary spell. They formed a force field of energetic camouflage to mask the power that came through the veil. As soon as the energy was hidden, they took the geometric shapes of the elements of light into Anissa’s body and recalculated her molecular structure. No longer would she be written with codes of the victim or the prostitute. No longer would she forget who she is. No longer would she be filled with shame and guilt. No longer would her DNA and light body be tainted.

Talon witnessed as they called on Anissa’s Authentic Soul Self. She came from the stars and walked at light speed to her physical form. Her eyes focused on her earth suit as she reentered her form. A bright white light encompassed everything and the forest faded away into nothingness.

Talon woke, her astral body back in her physical form. She was laid out on a bed of roses, a gift from the ethereal realm. Anissa stood over her angelicly. Her eyes clear, her wounds gone.

“Talon you’re not a witch,” Anissa said with the soft breeze of a morning dew.

“You’re a Child of the Most High – The Alpha and the Omega. The Great I Am. Witch is what those full of fear call you. What they don’t understand is that you are full of unconditional love. Evil cannot exist where love has no conditions. Evil exists in an unchecked heart full of hatred and fear. Those who called you witch feared their own selves. They projected the fear of their own misguided heart for they feared the power of God that coarses through your blood. That power that is within you is the signature of Light from the One True Source,” she paused to allow Talon to receive this message fully.

“Now stand and take this mantle,” she said to Talon as her eyes of truth and firmness pierced into her soul. The authority in Anissa’s voice electrified Talons complete being. She stood without hesitation as Anissa created a sacred geometric crown of light. The bed of roses swarmed around Talon as the elemental shapes of light Anissa drew into the air swirled around Talons turodial heart. The roses and elements spiraled around Talon like an energetic tornado as Anissa held the crown of light above Talon.

“You have a purpose. It is why you came to this earth and it is why you keep coming back to this realm,” Anissa spoke simultaneously as the roses and elements went straight to the crown of light above Talons head.

“You are a daughter of the Rose and You are a Child of Light,” she places the crown of light, now with all five elements and roses, onto Talons head. A rainbow of elemental energy with white light surrounding it shoots straight through Talons body into the earth and up above through the light crown into the sky reaching into the cosmos.

Her body levitates into the air as the energy passes through her entire physical form. Memories of all her lifetimes as a priestess, temple guardian, monk, and Lemurian flash through her minds eye. Angelic voices begin to sing praises as her soul becomes unified to the One Who Created all things. The voices beckon her to hum to their vibration. As she follows their lead, her vocal chords shift and change to the light frequency of the heavenly realms. A song escapes her mouth as both Anissa and Talon sing in unison with these extraordinary light beings. As they finish the song in a language not familiar to her tongue, Talon remembers who she is and all at once she knows why she came back to the earth.

The light beam fades into the ethers as her feet come back to the earth. She looks into Anissa’s eyes as she grounds into the energy of Mama Gaia. Only truth lingers between them. No words were needed for they could feel each other completely. They were both connected to the Oneness. The True Source of all things.

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