Why Value Life?

My name is Trinidad De Luz. I’ve been on a deep inward journey for over 3 years now.
I was sexually abused when I was a little girl. Later on in life, I entered into very abusive relationships where I was physically, emotionally and verbally abused. It was a vicious cycle and one I couldn’t break for years.
Fast forward to present day. I tried religion, left religion, searched in other belief systems, I went to all kinds of healing modalities, tons of coaching, 2 ashrams, read as many books as I possibly could and I finally realized there was a reason for all the abuse. What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. So instead of living life like a victim, I turned my pain into my passion. I found my true calling–to help trafficked victims.
I went to the Philippines to visit land of my ancestors and to get a clearer vision on what I wanted to do. As I spent time alone, I began to see the possibility of creating a home for trafficked victims in my village. The vision for creating a business model that fueled a nonprofit was something I’ve always been passionate about. I first came up with the idea for the clothing line and then birthed the party idea shortly after I came back from my trip to the Philippines.
There are 40.3 million trafficked victims in the world and Value Life aims to change that statistic. We’re having fun by throwing badass parties to raise money for trafficked victims, but we are very focused on our mission.
We have a vision to plant parties in cities all over the world that fuel the building of homes for trafficked victims. This is our main goal and plan, but we’re also open to partnering with organizations and foundations who already have homes for victims.
The other side to Value Life is valuing life in all it’s forms – self, others (no matter their belief system, race, or gender), animals, planet, water, plants, anything that is considered life. We have a group of writers who are actively writing on these different ways to value life. They write from their bodies and from a place of truth that speaks the language of love. They understand the importance of valuing life in every moment.
We also have a focus on youth, especially because of the current school shootings. We’re developing a platform for youth to access material that will help them to better their mindset, mindfulness, awareness, breath, body and soul.
We know this is a big vision and we know we can’t do this alone. We’re looking for a tribe to start a movement. A movement that values life.
If any of this speaks to you, we hope you want to join our cause to Value Life.

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