A Love Story: How I Called In My King

I grew in love with a man.

To be exact–I grew in love with my King.

I actually fell in love with multiple men this past year. Beautiful men. Gorgeous inside and out. I manifested everyone of them and they showed up same day, next day or within a few days from my request. I’m a manifest generator and I’m operating fully in my potential.

This man came at a time when I was tired of following men and flying to them. Yes I flew to 2 different men to see if it would work out. Spending my time and my resources in hopes they would possibly be the man I would spend the rest of my life with. I was honest with everyone I dated and I moved fast because (bc) I’m not playing around. I’m not dating to have a good fuck. I’m dating bc I’m looking for a committed relationship with a man who wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

I told many of my girlfriends that I was ready to meet my King. I did the Divine Partnership Program with one of my besties (let me know if you want in on this program bc it works—i would absolutely love to connect you to her and to your eventual divine partner) and I listened to her powerful meditations that she channeled to call in my divine partner. I visualized connecting to his heart and I got very clear on the man that I wanted.

I wrote a list of things down in my journal in April and I also wrote things on my heart to share with God. I wanted a man that was spiritual who had done personal development and was on a journey to understand himself on a deeper level. I wanted a man who loved me deeply and only wanted me and no one else. I realize I don’t like to share and I don’t have to. I desired a man who moved just as fast as me and wasn’t afraid of me telling him everything I wanted in a relationship.

I wanted a man who was sexy and fit and took care of his body. Someone who would work out with me and go on great hiking adventures all over the world. Someone who would be fearless and try anything new with me and someone who wanted to try out extreme sports with me – surfing, rock climbing, martial arts, snowboarding, parkour — all the things to move our bodies. I desired a man I was highly attracted to in every way. I desired a man that loved to cuddle and have sex. I’m a Virgo Scorpio rising and sex is high on my priorities in a romantic relationship.

I also desired a man with sexy accent and who spoke other languages. After being in Bali and meeting so many people with accents I decided I wanted to spice my life up with a King who had an accent and spoke another language so I could start learning another language too. I desired a man who had his own company and maybe either sold it already or was ready to move into doing more impact in the world bc he realized its not just about having a company.

I know I want to build an empire of love with someone where we help humanity and save planet earth. I want to have kids and strap them on my back as I travel and explore the world. I’ve always wanted 3 kids and they’ve already been speaking to me through the ethers. I also want to disappear and have sabbaticals where I just live in nature and tune into the frequency of Mama Gaia Pacha Mama.

This is a pretty extensive list and if you’re a person with limiting beliefs you might think this is impossible. Good thing I’m not a person with limiting beliefs. After I finished this list I asked Great Spirit when I would meet this man and I heard very clearly “September.” This actually upset me bc I believed I deserved my divine partner right meow. I told the Universe I’m deserve someone right meow bc I’ve done the work and I’m ready. Yes I admit–I’m impatient.

Shortly after this demand, I met a man through Facebook who had many mutual friends of mine. I asked everyone I knew who knew him all about him and everything checked out. I went after him with everything in me. He told me things that made me feel this was it. He used words and said things that led me to believe that maybe this was my king. I flew to him and it ended up not working out for various reasons and I remember walking the streets of Montreal feeling sadness and anger that this happened to me. I found a bar and journaled and I realized that actually I was grateful bc he brought lots of things into my life. This romantic fling helped me get more clear on what I wanted.

So I declared what I wanted and then I met another man. No this was not my king either. Lol. I was desperate I realize bc I knew he was out there and I was determined to find him.

The thing is we don’t have to find our Soulmate — the Universe orchestrates for both of you to meet divinely and right on time. Trust that.

This is something I just didn’t understand. I believe both these men I was meant to be involved with and I learned a lot from both of them and about myself. No it didn’t work out with him either and that’s okay. I loved both of them deeply.

After these 2 men in a row, I was feeling depleted and frustrated. I was tired of flying to men and I said to God, “why can’t someone pursue me and fly to me.” And that’s exactly what happened next. I vowed on the plane to Spain that I would no longer follow any men who did not meet me first and I would no longer pursue or go after them. They had to come after me and pursue me. I also clarified with myself that I didn’t want to share my King with anyone. I wanted my man for me and no one else. I got more crystal clear on what I wanted.

There was actually more in my heart that I didn’t write down or even think of. Things I wanted and desired in a life with another human. Things this man I grew in love with had inside of him and in his dreams. Things that no one else knew about me. Things only a Divine Soulmate would be.

When we met in Spain everything was easy. Our connection was deep. We knew each other in other lifetimes and we could feel it. Although every romantic partner is a past time lover or someone you made a soul contract with — we knew we were more. Our energies locked into each other and we began a dance of our Ecstatic Awakening together in the beautiful Spanish Mountains tucked away in a Hidden Paradise. This is where I met my King and this is where our love story began.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “A Love Story: How I Called In My King

  1. Hi, This is such a beautiful and inspiring story! Thank you for sharing! Could you share with me the details about Divine Partnership program? I am quite interested in it 🙂
    Much love,


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