Choose to Believe in You

You cascade 

Into pieces of disarray 

Broken fractures 

Of limited beliefs 


to keep safe 

In a dungeon

Of illusion and lies

Trapped by emotions 

That play

Your nervous systems 

Chords of pain

Stuck in patterns

a Mind game

Of being insane 



You reach 

For a painkiller

Temporary sedative 

Soothes the lies

And makes you numb 

You inject 

An addiction 

Outside yourself 

To stop the chatter

Of self hate 

You float in a moment 


Only to return 

To a reality of pain



You call 

For help 

To a world

Who looks at you

With disgust 

Or so you think 

Their eyes tell judgements 

Your lost to solve

Their tone shows disgust 

Mirroring what you think

Is true 

You contemplate


bc what else is left?

If they don’t believe

How can you go on?



You catch 

a smile

A glimpse of hope 

“I know it seems 

like you’re alone.

But this is really

A cry from yourself.

You’ve numbed 

The pain that 

Wants to be seen. 

The emotions 

that want to be felt.

The trauma that

Wants to be loved.

The child 

That wants to be heard. 



You think 

The answer is 

Somewhere out there

But the healing 

Starts within you

The story can 

Be rewritten 

It isn’t that it’s hidden 

It’s waiting for you

To see it’s beauty 

And it’s truth 

The pain

You have chosen

As your soul lesson

To reveal your ultimate truth



You are 

more than the story

More than emotions

More than limiting beliefs 

More than the pain

More than trauma 

More than patterns.

You’re a entire universe 

Wrapped in earth 

Dancing in the cosmos

Of your beliefs 

And you get to choose

In every moment 

Who you decide to be.”



You feel 

An array of emotions

Tears fall from your eyes

As you realize 

How powerful you truly are 

You’ve played 

The victim and the child 

Forgetting that you 

Have all the answers 

Beating in your chest 

Everything you need 

Wrapped in your beliefs 

Changing your perception 

Unlocks the deception 



You cascade 

Deep into the caverns 

Of your truth 

Finding peace 

In the discomfort 

Of your emotions 


to set yourself free


Your limited perception

To embody

Unlimited possibilities 

You are the creator 

of your reality


To believe in you 




Word Alchemy by @trinidaddeluz

Cover Art by @masha_lifanova

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