I Love My Belly Fat

I love my belly fat.

I remember when I used to hate any fat on my body. I didn’t want to look at it. I felt disgusting about myself. I shamed my belly. I felt guilty whenever I ate the things I knew I shouldn’t. I binged on foods. I ate tons of sweets, cakes, and of course chocolates.

The more I hated my belly the more I hated myself. When I started dating my former fiancé and he was known for fitness this hatred towards my body grew. I constantly compared myself to other women who had perfect fitness bodies. I shamed myself every day for not looking like them.

I had so much hatred and self sabotage that I wouldn’t be consistent on my fitness journey. Something I’m still working on and okay with being okay with where I’m at.

When I started to learn how the body starts to attack itself when we have negative thoughts about ourselves and others — it rocked my world. Our thoughts create our reality and our body and brain believe what we constantly tell it. So if we keep on hating our stomachs, our belly’s, and anything else on our body – we’re creating a playground for sickness, dis-ease, and pain for ourselves.

How long would I continue to make myself suffer? Did I really dislike myself that much? It’s not my belly’s fault that it has fat—it’s my fault and my choice. I can’t hate my belly for my addiction to sugar and food. I have to take ownership and I have to take responsibility.

The moment I started telling my belly, “I love you. I’m happy to have you. I enjoy your cute fat. I don’t have to have a flat sexy belly to love you. I accept you” was the moment my entire relationship with my body started to change.

I stopped feeling so crappy bc I wasn’t feeling guilty when I chose to binge – I OWNED eating like crap and then afterwards I would make myself feel how it made my body feel. It always felt like shit. No kidding. Absolute crap. My stomach would hurt. My eczema would flair. I would get headaches. I wouldn’t want to do anything. Sometimes I even slept bc I had no energy to do anything else. Did this make me stop—NOPE! I had a serious addiction to sugar and this was a bit of a struggle.

It wasn’t easy to stop. Every time I binged I made myself FEEL all the symptoms. We get so used to feeling shitty in our bodies that we stop paying attention to our body intelligence. We ignore it to feel the temporary pleasure. We make ourselves suffer bc we don’t want to feel emotions. We’re so afraid of those uncomfortable feelings and we learned somewhere along the way that food — sweets, ice cream, bread, & any junk food with no nutritional content whatsoever — is a way to cope with all the UNCOMFORTABLE feelings. WTF?!?!?! Lol 😂

Then I learned that the gut is actually the 2nd brain and has more neurological networks than the brain! The way we feel is affected by what we eat. This hit home in so many ways. I realized I was filling my 2nd brain with crap and it was blocking me from my intuitive abilities and from my internal guidance system. We live in a highly advanced Earth Suit. It has an internal guidance system that is trying to help us live our most optimal lives. When we take care of our bodies our souls can inhabit them longer. When we eat good foods our internal guidance system can help us live Badass lives.

So why do we like to make our bodies suffer? I didn’t even realize my body was suffering until I made myself pay attention to how it reacted. We have to choose to love ourselves more to make the change to feel better. When we trash our bodies it’s because we’re choosing not to be responsible for the gift we’ve been given. It comes down to self worth. We have to CHOOSE to be healthy.

It’s so easy to choose to eat the temptation. All you have to do is buy it and eat it—that’s easy. It’s more challenging and much more rewarding to choose to eat healthy. When I started the journey of eating healthy (mainly fruits and vegetables) it started to change my life. I could think clearly. I had more focus and lots more energy. When I supplement this with a regular fitness or yoga practice I feel even better and when I go for a hike I feel alive.

So many of us spend our entire lives sitting. Sitting for breakfast, sitting in the car, sitting at work, sitting for every meal, sitting and watching a tv or surfing the Internet or social media. We were given legs and arms for a reason—we were meant to move. Please remember to move and make it fun. Find the movement that makes you happy and do that more. Movement brings us into such higher states of being. Trust me, you will always thank yourself for moving because it helps release so much.

I’m grateful that I learned how important it is to take care of my body. It took me up into my 30’s to finally decide that I deserve my best. My best means loving and caring for my body. Part of my best was taking care of my body and choosing to eat the foods that really nourish me. It’s taken up until my 30’s to also learn how to love my belly. I love my belly and I love my fat. When I’m ready to get a super fit body I can do that. It’s always my choice. I’m not going to force myself to do it and I don’t feel guilty when I’m not working towards that goal. I accept what I choose and I take action when I feel inspired.

Im grateful for this body that carry’s me through life. I’m grateful that I get to constantly learn new ways of caring for my body. I’m grateful that my body can move.

Thank you body, thank you belly — I love you.

We only have one body — so let’s learn how to love it and take care of it 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Art by Soizic Loup

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