Chapter 1: The Dream

She woke from a dream…

and touched her face to make sure she was really awake. After everything had shut down from the virus, being at home was the only time she could touch her face. Being able to feel her physical body was one of the only ways she could tell she was awake or dreaming. Sometimes her dream space seemed more real than the current reality.

She was alone deep in the woods. The animals protected her. Especially the wolves, the bears and the vultures. She was deeply connected to their spirits and they could feel her.

She had left before everyone was locked in. Before the first round of quarantines she started to have the dreams. Vivid ones.

Hunger Games.

V for Vendetta.


Ready Player One.

The Adjustment Bureau.



Kind of dreams.

Being a psychic intuitive connected deeply to her astral body, she knew weeks before the quarantines that something was coming.

The Amazon was burning and other countries and then Australia. This was the start.

Animals were dying all over the world. She felt them and knew people were out of touch with their innate abilities. The souls of the animals were connected deeply to the earth and to us. Yet not many could even feel their deaths. They all perished because it was so hot that the fires were burning the earth. She felt the impact and knew things were shifting.

She shook her head in disgust as she thought of all the people who still believed global warming was a lie. Many of those people also perished in the fires.

Since then more fires had ignited around the globe. But now we couldn’t tell if it was the earth or them. She shivered thinking of the Assemblage. They had no name, buts it’s how her guides had named them.

They fed off fear and sometimes burning the earth was to create more fear in humanity. The fires started happening on amass once they had drained the earth of it’s fossil fuels. It was all linked and most couldn’t even put two and two together before it was too late.

The dawn was breaking above the trees.

First light.

She had received a message in her dream space. Another one was coming today. When the sun reached the top of the trees, Amani would come through the left brush.

He was young like most others. Unaffected by the lies and all the fear being propagated by the chip — implanted to protect us from the virus but just another way to control how we felt and what we watched from our phones.

Amani came to the earth knowing the truth just like the ones who had come before him.

Chills. This time in her spine.

She didn’t realize how fast things were going to shift after the first round of shelter. Many were in denial. Many were too opinionated. Many were living constantly in fear.

Too many people had forgotten who they were. Too many people didn’t take the time to find the truth. Too many people were easily controlled by their emotions and their thoughts. The main driver the Assemblage used was fear.

Fear lowered the immune system and made people highly susceptible to the virus. But no one knew if it was the virus or some other “common” illness or disease. There were leaks.

That’s when the killings started.

Doctors, scientists, even some journalists. They started speaking up about what was really happening with the virus. Then one of three things happened with every case:

1. They would get the virus, publicly admit they were wrong and then die of the virus.

2. They would die in a tragic accident.

3. They would commit suicide because of all the hate messages and broadcasting against them. But not before they would write a note admitting that they were wrong.

Every single case ended in one of those ways and none of them would ever live.

The birds were coming alive. It was her natural alarm clock every morning, unless she woke from a dream. She always woke when someone was coming. She knew she had to get up to check the energy field.

One of her unique gifts was to be able to feel any living creature within a 77 mile radius. She felt the animals and humans most clearly.

Amani wasn’t in that radius yet but she could feel him. He was scared, which isn’t abnormal. They always leave without explaining to their family or friends. They could feel the pull in their spirit and from their guides. They knew they could leave no trace.

Thank goodness for the guides, she thought to herself.

Another chill.

She looked to her right. Something was off. She ran to the door and opened it quickly. Amani was standing to the right, 3 feet away, looking at her with fear in his eyes.

A sudden rush of fear filled every fiber of her being.

“Amani, what’s going—“

She felt her body fall to the ground as she blacked out.




Cover art by @archannoir

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